When I was a child, my mom and I would spend our summers together in Japan visiting family. I loved these summers. We would explore Tokyo by train, bus and along the crowded sidewalks. Afternoons would be spent adventuring around town to find our way to a family members house or to a park where my mom and her sisters would sit and talk for hours while I played on my own.

It was during those times, as a little girl, while the adults were catching up with old friends and family, I first felt the earliest buds of confidence that came from doing and accomplishing small things on my own. This burgeoning self-confidence, sense of personal responsibility and independence came from the little bag my mom gave me before setting out for the day.

“Fill it with a few of your favorite toys,” my mom often told me. “You’ll be happy to have them when I am busy, so make sure you take care of them and the bag.” I would do as she said, and packed my favorite play-things in my bag and headed out for the day's adventures. I remember how I would hold my bag tight while commuting on the busy trains and as I brushed past people on the sidewalks. I cherished having the select books and dolls during my travels each day. 


When I started a family in San Francisco, I decided to give my children a similar gift that my mother once gave me. My boys were given a special everyday kids bag they could use to hold their most treasured toys they collected as they journey through life.

Mamoo bags are a special bag. Our handmade kids bags are made of 100% all-natural fibers, and offer a clean, modern design. They are washable, foldable and made to wrap around your child's body for maximum comfort. We are committed to supporting our local community, therefore all of our children's bags are made in our hometown of Oakland, California.

My mom trusted me to decide for myself what I put into my bag all those summers ago. In doing so she helped to give me my first feelings of independence, responsibility and confidence. Today Mamoo wants to help give your child the same wonderful feelings. I believe all this begins with something as simple as a bag. Join our community and let Mamoo Kids bags help nurture and open up little worlds.

Here's to little adventures!