Limited Edition Upholstery Textile Upcycled: Malia Totepack

Limited Edition Upholstery Textile Upcycled: Malia Totepack

August 12, 2018

Upholstery Textile Repurposed into Hawaiian Totepack

Our trips to Oahu inspired this new limited edition run of Mamoo's rescue and repurpose textile! (See that cute little totepack on the bench . .  but I'll get back to that in a minute.)

Here are some recent photos from our trip to Oahu this summer. 

Lanikai Beach Oahu Mamoo Blog Animals and Colors
Gold Dust Day Gekko spotted on our way to the beach at Lanikai. 

The flora, the sky, and ocean colors seem so vibrant. The energy of the earth, nature and all its wild beauty is found in people's daily routines. 

Traditional Hawaiian Architecture Polynesian Cultural Center Laiea Mamoo Blog
 Laie Polynesian Cultural Center 

Surfing, eating plate lunches under a giant Banyan tree while chasing chickens and cooling off while shave ice - my kids were in heaven. 

Lanikai Oahu Beach Mamoo Adventures Blog
While doing one of our production runs, we found this beautiful floral upholstery fabric. Just a small amount left behind and abandoned - and we thought this design would make the perfect textile for a Hawaiian tote pack. 

Haleiwa Shrimp Trucks Oahu Mamoo Blog Adventures

Made from heavyweight 100% cotton textile I love how the body holds its shape and the pattern beautifully hides the daily wear and tear of a lifestyle that revolves around the ocean.  

For a limited time only, click on the picture for more details. Mahalo. 

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