Little Explorer Packing Guide: Discovery Adventure

March 01, 2017

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How do you spark a child's sense of wonder and creativity? One of the best ways is to give children some space and tools that can help fuel their natural curiosity.
 nature treasure discovery adventure bag for kids

The setting could be an open field, a backyard, a shoreline or a creek. Its important to find a place where kids can feel safe and comfortable to explore on their own.

Forest Nature School River Play and Pool 
Discovery adventures can be fun alone but in a small group of 2-3 kids it can be especially interesting as new perspectives can be shared and ideas can be explored and built upon each other.

In addition to snacks and drinks, here is a list of items to pack for their little adventure: 

1. Notebook or Journal this cute one's from Happy Dabby Bits
2. Scissors
3. Magnifiying Glass
4. Colored Pencils
5. Comfortable Kids Backpack
6. Little Keepsake Bottle
7. Shovel
8. Tape
9. Compact Mirror
10. Rope

Have fun seeing the world through your child's eyes. New adventures can be discovered just by seeing the world from a different perspective - from down below on your knees or up high in a tree. Its amazing just how fun a few hours outside can be! 

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