How to Find the Color Palette for Your DIY Tote Decorating Project

How to Find the Color Palette for Your DIY Tote Decorating Project

September 29, 2017

Are you looking for a simple way to find a color palette for your next tote decorating project? 

Sometimes when designing a bag with more than 2 colors, finding "the right" 3rd or 4th color can get a little difficult. One of my favorite places to look for color palette inspiration is on Pinterest. 

For the above photo, we found our color palette inspiration here and here and here on Pinterest. Another great resource is a site called Design Seed. We love the daily dose of color inspiration, which varies with season. 

For this DIY large pencil pouch project, we used very simple shapes - a circle and triangle - and about 4-5 colors. We took each of the color palette from Pinterest and used that to mix our colors together. 

So many of the color palettes you see on Pinterest come from nature. You can also create your own color palette by taking a photo and running in through a color palette generator. I love Canva and use this link to generate color codes. 

When deciding on the size of the shapes, make sure it scales to the size of the bag used. For smaller bags, use smaller shapes and for bigger bags use bigger shapes etc. 

By adding your own special finishes to your bag, you can make a simple canvas bag into something really special. Make your own little pouch which is perfect for holding treasures, pencils or iphone and other essentials. 

We hope this helps with your next DIY tote decorating project! 

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