DIY 8 Awesome Iron on Letter Projects

June 28, 2017

100% Embroidered Iron On Letters Metallic Gold

Easy iron on letter projects are a fun way to personalize and make an ordinary project into something really special. I've had the pleasure of seeing our 100% embroidered metallic gold iron on letters on a project lead by Glen Park's Neighborhood Historical Project, an associated which is committed to rediscovering and sharing our local history. 

This incredible photo (photo credit: California Historical Society San Francisco, CA) from 1908 in Oakland, California captures the spirit of 300 bright savvy women who fought for equal rights in the early 1900s. 

According to author Mae Silver, of The Sixth Star American women gained the right to vote in 1920 but in California women gained the right to vote in 1911! When Amy from the Glen Park Neighborhoods History Project contacted me about re-creating the Woman's California Equal Suffrage Association historic banner I was so excited and honored to be a part of this project. 

Here is Amy sharing the photo of the finished banner from that day. The letters are on the banner to the right. 
High Quality DIY Metallic Embroidery Iron on Letters Used to Recreate a Historical California Equal Suffrage Association Banner

While 100% embroidered iron on patches seem to always find a happy home on most denim fabrics, there are other creative ways to use the letters - such as this historical banner. I have 7 awesome ideas for iron on letter projects inspired by your letters and emails! If you have other ideas for using our 100% embroidered iron on letters please leave them in the comments below! 

iron on embroidery metallic gold letters on denim distressed jacket

1. Travel iron on patches put on to a denim jacket makes a statement about some of your favorite places that you've lived in or traveled to.  

Iron on Letter Metallic Gold Embroidered

2. Create a high quality home decor piece with iron on letters. This affirmation pennant banner was created from foraged driftwood in Mendocino, recycled cotton canvas and iron on letters. This banner has found a happy home on some ship lap wall in a cottage near the sea. 

Iron on Letter Felt Board

3. Felt letter boards seem to be having a moment right now. And while this may seem trendy, hand making this piece will always make this wall hanging a bit more special. So special that you'll want to have this hanging around your home for a long, long time. 

Felt Crows Iron On Letter Personalized Party Favors

4. Felt party crowns personalized with iron on letters is a good idea for any prince or princess party. This is THE DIY that young kids can happily make on their own using felt, a glue gun and iron on letters. 

Monogram Canvas Slip On Shoes

5. Growing up in Hawaii, I can appreciate this one. Shoes and slippers off at every house party means there's a chance that someone else will leave with your shoes. Dress up and personalize any solid color canvas shoes with gold letter monogram. Not only does it look super cool, you'll reduce the chances of someone else's walking off with your shoes.

Seven Days a Week Pillow Cases DIY

6. For those of you who are very organized, you'll find this clever days of the week outfit bags made out of pillow cases a must have. Eliminate the perennial "what should I wear today" question from your kids. Make this simple days of the week pillows cases with iron on letters and pens see the full tutorial at The Chic Site by Rachel. 

super hero cape iron on letters personalize

7. This super cute hero's cape is from an ETSY seller My Hero Headquarters and while this store sell finished capes many people I've spoken to are doing a semi homemade version with their own unique colors. These capes are being create for bigger kids - for bachelorette and bridal showers, which I think is super fun!  Scouts Banner Quit with Letters

8. Quilting is making a big comeback with the DIY crowd and this pennant banner's shape caught my eye. This free quilt pattern is available and can be customized with iron on letters. This is a perfect place for earned girl scout or boy scout badges. Experiment with the patterns and colors and create a custom message for your little scout. 

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