23 Ways to Entertain Your Preschooler While On The Go With Kindergarten Toolkit

September 09, 2016

Kids Busy Bag Preschool Kindergarden Toolkit

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As a bonus we're sharing 23 ways to use this while on the go. Enjoy!  

I found a wonderful way to entertain my preschooler while on the go with my two older boys. Kindergarten Toolkit is an amazing resource that helps your child build a solid foundation for Kindergarten and the set can comfortably fit into our little adventure kids bag. We 23 ways in which this little powerhouse toolkit can be used to help your child learn and have fun while on on the go. 


1. Pick a word phrase from the site word flashcards and have your child draw a picture that comes to mind.


Busy bag for kindergarten


2. Have your child select a site word flashcard and have her re-write words on the dry erase board or on the sidewalk with chalk.


3. Pick a site word flashcard, make it the word of the day and see if your child can find the same word while at a restaurant, store or on a street sign. 


4. Pick a site word flashcard, say it out loud and ask your child if she can guess the letter the word starts with. 


5. Have your child pick a color shape flashcard and say the shape's name out loud. 


6. Have your child select a color shape flashcard and then go on a scavenger hunt to find objects that have a similar color.


Kindergarten busy bag yellow color scavenger hunt


7. Pick a color shape flashcard and have your child guess the name of the shape.


8. Pick a color shape flashcard and have your child guess the color of the shape. 


9. Have your child select a shape card and go on a scavenger hunt for objects with a similar shape.


10. Flip the color shape flashcard so the word side is showing and have your child pick a letter card that matches with the first letter of the word shape. 


11. Have your child select a letter flashcard and see if the letter can be spotted in a favorite book.


Kids Busy Bag with books and other little toys for learning mamoo bag


12. Select a site word flashcard and see if your child can find the word in a favorite book. 


13. Go outside, use your chalk and write down the site word from the flashcards in various places outside - on a bench, sidewalk or wall. Have your child pick a card and try to find the same word written in a spot. 


14. Select a number card and find groups of 3s i.e 3 shells, 3 tops, words with 3 letters.


Kindergarten Toolkit Busy Bag Mamoo Kids Bag


15. Select a number card and have your child write the number on the sidewalk with the chalk. 


16. Select a number card and have your child write pictures in quantities that match the number card. 


17. Draw a hopscotch with numbers. Have your child pick a number flashcard and have your child throw a rock onto the shape with the number.


18. Bring additional household items that your child can practice creating letters on. Corn starch in a little box, watercolor paint with a little pad or glitter glue and lentil beans are some household items that can be used. 


Kindergarten Toolkit and letter practicing busy bag


19. Have your child collect 5 objects and say each object's name and guess what letter it starts with. 


20. Play the "do you know what's next?" game. Have your child select a number flashcard and ask if your child knows which number comes after that number. 


21. Draw a picture on the white board and have your child explain who is in the picture story, why she chose to draw this picture and how she came up with the idea. 


22. Pick a number flashcard or letter flashcard and have your child incorporate that letter or number into a picture using the chalk or white board. 


23. Match the number of sides on a shape flashcard to a number on the numbers flashcard, ex. match triangle to the number 3 card and rectangle to the number 4 card. 


Let us know if you come up with any more fun ideas! 

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