Bookworm Club: Nature and the World

Bookworm Club: Nature and the World

March 24, 2016

Nature Anatomy What's in Your Kids Bag

What's in our bookbag?

There are so many awe-inspiring things to see in our magical world. Nature in its biggest and smallest form is full of wonder and yet children are spending less and less time outdoors. The good news? We have three amazing non-fiction books that will get your kids excited about nature and outside exploring our magical world.  

Nature Anatomy

1.  Nature Anatomy by Julia Rothman.

A beautifully illustrated field guide to objects in nature and their parts. This little book is packed with illustrations ranging from the ecosystem of a rotting log, anatomy of a bird to a collection of grazing edibles. Its a beautiful visual record of our natural world and its glorious curiosities. This book is beautifully complied and a delightful read. A perfect addition for a classroom or art studio.  

50 States

the 50 states

2.  The 50 States: Explore the USA with 50 Fact-Filled Maps! By Gabrielle Balkan

The cheerful illustrations and fun little portraits from each state are eye-candy for kids. Did you know the West Coast Swing is California's state dance? Or that California's Death Valley is the hottest, driest AND lowest place in the US? Or that Juneau, Alaska's capital, can only be reached by air or sea? This book is a wonderful conversation starter - mixing in not just history but also culture and random facts that only locals would know. Yes, there is so much to see. And we can't wait to hit many of these places Gabrielle's mentions in her book. 

Atlas of Adventure

3.  Atlas of Adventure by Rachel Williams and Lucy Letherland

Need inspiration for your next dream trip? The Atlas of Adventures is filled with wonderful ideas for your next epic trip. You'll see natural wonders and festivities from all corners of the world. Colorful descriptions and engaging pictures help your little ones experience what life is like for people living in other parts of the world. Who knew there were so many fascinating festivities to see in the world? It feels so much like an illustrated Lonely Planet guide for little explorers.  

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