I'm Bored Busy Bag: Legos

March 23, 2016

lego airplanes

Its June. The beginning of summer. The mid-point of 2014.

This post is long overdue. Its time I started sharing some of our family's little adventures. Treasures collected and adventures had with our bags and my little ones - Aidan (6), Rylan (4) and Lanea (6 months).

lego primary color pieces

Every week we'll open up our bag and show you what we've been up to. Little adventures. Old fashion adventures. Everyday adventures where getting messy and making things by hand are required.  

legos in bag

This week, we're starting simple. Creating something new with a random scoopful or two of Legos. 

Lego is small. Simple. Yet so many different things can be created from them.

A house, a cupcake, a truck, a boat or planes. Its unisex. Universal.


lego in busy bag for kids

The boys didn't use every single piece I dumped into the bag, but look what went in and what came out of their bags? Not to shabby for starters.  

What's in your bag? 

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